Nail Services

Your hands can express your gentleness as well as your boldness -- the art of who you are. The hands are one of the most sensitive, yet responsive areas of your body--along with your feet and toes. These areas need very special attention.

Book your nail services ahead for your next salon visit and save yourself time.


Let us make your nails, fingers, hands and forearms feel nourished and renewed.

Elany Signature Manicure $20
French $8
French Manicure $25
Polish Change $15
Acrylic Nails $50
Acrylic Nail Fills $30
Colored Tips $10
Nail Repair $5/Ea
Nail Art Custom Priced At Time Of Service


Feel good from head to toe with our Elany Signature Pedicure Service.

Elany Signature Pedicure

Dream away in a leather massage chair while our experts work from your toes to your knees. Begins with a deep cleansing and then an exfoliating scrub, leaving your feet and legs baby soft. The nails and cuticles are then meticulously groomed, smoothed and shaped to compliment your toes. Hot towels are used and your feet soak up precious moisture while you relax. Therapeutic massage is then performed to leave your feet and legs rejuvenated, full of health and energy.