Facial Care

Your face is the canvas of your individuality! Your face expresses your every emotion: excitement, sadness, happiness, stress and calmness. At Elany Image, our facial treatments are designed to relax and rekindle your spirits. Our specialist are trained to place emphasis on drawing out impurities and nourishing your skin. These treatments aim to provide special attention for your face. After all, your face is one of the most important aspect of who you are. It is your interface to the world.

A series of treatments in conjunction with a customized home care routine is recommended to achieve the best results for all facial and body treatments.

Dermalogica Eye Treatment

A 30 min. treat designed just for the eye area. Helps to firm and nourish the delicate skin of the eye area.


Elany Signature Facial

A customized treatment designed to meet the individual's needs. Calming European massage and deep cleansing help to hydrate and purify the skin.


European Acne Facial

This facial is designed to draw out impurities by exfoliating at a deeper level for problematic conditions. Minimizes 'blackheads', excessive oiliness, and redness.


Multi-Vitamin Power Treatment

A revolutionary exfoliating treatment for dry, environmentally damaged skin with signs of premature aging. A complex of Retinol, Salicylic Acid, AHA's, BHA's, & Lactic Acids will noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone & texture.


Collagen Treatment

Deeply hydrates and firms the skin. May be added to any facial treatment.